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Easy Toddler Breakfast Ideas

Getting your toddler to eat healthy meals can be challenging. One minute they love something, and then just as you’re about to serve it up again, they want nothing to do with it. Battling over what your child eats is not the answer. According to the Ellyn Satter Institute, specialists in child feeding practices, parents should decide what to offer their child to eat, then let the child decide how much and whether they eat those foods. For well-rounded nutrition, include options such as whole grains, fruit, vegetables, lean protein—and a sprinkle of wheat germ for good measure!

Breakfast time offers one of the best and easiest ways for your child to start the day right. We’ve put together some easy-to-make toddler breakfast ideas below.

When time is of the essence

Got about 10 minutes before you need to get in the car and go? Try these quick and easy ideas.

·      Whole wheat waffles spread with peanut butter and topped with sliced banana

·      Whole grain toast spread with avocado

·      Egg and cheese wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla

·      Yogurt, fruit, sprinkle of wheat germ and granola (make this homemade granola ahead) in a to-go cup

·      Honey Crunch Energy Bars with Wheat Germ

·      Cottage cheese with fresh pineapple chunks and a spoonful of wheat germ

·      Peanut Butter Breakfast Shakes

When time is on your side

If you’re not rushing off to preschool or mommy-and-me class, bring the kids into the kitchen and allow them to help. If they’ve had their hands in it, they’re more likely to try it!

·      Homemade pancakes topped with fresh fruit. Prepare them from scratch with white whole wheat flour and let the kids create fun shapes using their favorite cookie cutters. Add a few spoonfuls of wheat germ to replace some of the flour, or try our recipe for Berry Delicious Wheat Germ Pancakes.

·      Make-your-own omelets. Have your kids crack the eggs and choose their desired filling.

·      Bagel faces. Using fresh fruit and vegetables, encourage your to child create a face on a half bagel spread with cream cheese.

·      Bacon, Wheat Germ Grits and Poached Eggs

What are your toddler’s favorite meals?