Have You Gotten Your Granolapalooza On Yet? | Kretschmer Wheat Germ
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Have You Gotten Your Granolapalooza On Yet?

We’re having a blast with granola this month—making our own homemade version with Kretschmer Wheat Germ, creating granola fun for the whole family and even getting down to business to tell serious athletes how to get the most out of their granola.

And we’re not the only ones experiencing the popularity of granola. We’re seeing more proof out there that granola is only getting bigger, better and much, much more interesting. Connecticut’s Ola Granola, for example, has seen demand spike, spurring the company to nearly double its headquarters’ size and staff to keep up.

Cutting edge chef-entrepreneurs continue to put their stamp on granola. Food truck pioneer Roy Choi, whose Venice, California’s Sunny Spot brick-and-mortar eatery won Los Angeles magazine’s award for Best Granola 2012, dares to include Fruity Pebbles (yes, the cereal) and sorrel leaves in his winning combination. Heck, just the fact that a Best Granola award exists reveals a growing love for this versatile dish!

Check out our Granolapalooza Pinterest board for innovative and delicious granola recipes (we think our Homemade Granola with Wheat Germ is particularly tasty), and share your favorite granola recipes on Twitter at #Granolapalooza.

Don’t miss our post next week, where we reveal some ways to think out of the box with granola—incorporating it into completely new dishes like salads and muffins. Stay tuned!