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Happy Wheat Germ User: Meet Becca Eisenberg

Becca Eisenberg is a busy mother of two, speech language pathologist and a healthy food blogger. Somehow she also makes the time to prepare delicious meals for her family, and in doing so discovered something that helps her children in a very special way. We recently chatted with Becca to find out about her healthy mealtime secrets.

What did you discover about the importance of mealtime in your family?

I was having challenges with my young children sitting down for meals. I found that reading books to my children at mealtime significantly helped them focus on their meal as well as improve their language. Reading books and educating children about healthy foods and eating habits are very important to me.

What do you feature on your site Gravity Bread?

I love blogging! My favorite posts are recipes, interviews and book recommendations. I am also adding more special diet recipes and resources for parents who have children with allergies or special needs. I have gotten a lot of positive comments from people who visit my site.

When did you first start eating wheat germ?

I discovered it when my daughter was just 8 months old; it was around the time that I started feeding her yogurt. I found a recommendation online that said wheat germ was super healthy and contained protein and fiber. I tried it and loved it myself. Since then I’ve been adding it directly to smoothies and oatmeal. It is also delicious when you dip a banana in yogurt and then wheat germ. I also use it when baking muffins, pancakes or waffles.

What are some things you like about wheat germ?

I love the consistency of it as well as the sweet, nutty taste.

What are your best recipes using wheat germ?

My favorite recipes are my breakfast muffins, wheat germ granola bars and banana flaxseed pancakes.

What other things do you do to eat healthy and ensure your family eats healthy?

I love eating lots of vegetables, fruit and grains. I do love my sweets—I must admit there is not one day I don’t have a little chocolate—but I try to keep it to a minimum! I try to keep my family healthy by offering them a variety of foods and I always include a vegetable and/or fruit on their plate. I also let my kids have one treat a day. I grew up having sweets in moderation and am thankful for that. I am also super active and love to exercise.