Kretschmer Wheat Germ Recipes: | Kretschmer Wheat Germ
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Kretschmer Wheat Germ Recipes:

Upgrade your typical Chocolate Truffle Pie dessert recipe with an easy to make wheat germ crust. A baker's delight!
Try adding wheat germ to these Maryland-Style Crab Cakes for a nutritional boost to a traditional recipe. Enjoy over a bed of fresh greens!
Pop some Kretschmer Honey Crunch Wheat Germ into this Kettle Corn recipe to create a homemade, nutrient rich snack on movie night.
You’ll never believe this banana bread is made with 100 percent whole wheat flour. It’s light, delicious and doesn’t taste “too healthy.”
Almond butter and wheat germ make these Triple Chocolate Chunk Cookies extra delicious and nutritious, with added healthy fat and vitamins.
Try this Spinach Lasagna with Wheat Germ recipe for a satisfying and vitamin-packed meal with plenty of leftovers for the week.
This Black Bean and Mango Salsa has added flavor and health benefits by mixing in wheat germ. Dig in with baked chips and enjoy!
For a holiday chocolate bark dessert that is hearth-healthy and delicious, bake with dark chocolate and Kretschmer's Honey Crunch Wheat Germ.
Deviled eggs aren’t just for special occasions. They make a great snack or an easy party appetizer. The added wheat germ gives them extra texture and nutrition.
Lighter than traditional gratins, this Potato Gratin made with Kretschmer's Original Toasted Wheat Germ is a tasty and nutrient-rich side dish.