Speed Scratch - Quick Bread with Added Wheat Germ | Kretschmer Wheat Germ
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Speed Scratch - Quick Bread with Added Wheat Germ

Many of us yearn to make all our meals from scratch. But with demanding jobs, and often equally demanding kids’ school and sports commitments, it’s not always possible. You can get “almost-there” homemade meals with just a little help from packaged foods, though. On busy nights, “speed scratch” is the way to go.

Speed scratch has been around awhile. The term was coined by a food writer at the San Francisco Chronicle about 20 years ago, referring to home-cooked meals prepared by combining fresh ingredients with packaged or frozen foods. Think bagged salad greens with added chopped fresh mint, or canned chicken noodle soup with gently steamed fresh vegetables mixed in.

We recently made a speed scratch discovery of our own, by adding Kretschmer Wheat Germ to one of the delicious and easy quick-bread mixes on the supermarket shelves. This week we tried a cinnamon streusel quick bread and substituted wheat germ for the all-purpose flour it called for—a full 1/3 cup! (You also add milk, eggs and vegetable oil.)

The result was delicious. The bread was still light but had a heartier quality to it. Although you couldn’t taste the wheat germ, it provided a bit of texture and a higher nutrient value to the bread.