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Gearing Up for School with Granola

Need healthy snack or breakfast ideas for kids? Whole grain granola is versatile and nutritious. Make it at home and try different fruits, nuts, and spices.

Restaurant Chefs Get Creative with Granola

Chefs are getting creative with whole grains in their restaurant kitchens. Using granola in sweet and savory dishes is a trend you can use in your own recipes.

Three Ways to Build a New Dish with Granola

Experiment with granola outside the breakfast bowl to add a nutritious, flavorful twist to desserts, salads and savory dishes.

Have You Gotten Your Granolapalooza On Yet?

We’re having a blast with granola — making our own version with wheat germ, creating fun foods for kids and promoting granola as a perfect food for athletes.

Fueling Up: Granola for Athletes

Athletes, especially endurance athletes, need complex carbohydrates to fuel workouts. Granola is a nutritious source of carbs, perfect before tough training.

Making Granola Fun for the Whole Family

Try these fun, kid-friendly ideas to create healthy breakfasts and desserts using whole grain granola and wheat germ.

Homemade Granola—Don’t Forget the Wheat Germ!

It's easy and healthier to make your own granola. Here are some recipe ideas with fun add-in ingredients like dried fruit, coconut flakes, and toasted nuts.

It’s Here: Granolapalooza

Celebrate granola! Chefs and entrepreneurs are reinventing this versatile and healthy whole grain snack. Start with our granola recipe and get creative.