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healthy food for kids

Healthy After-School Rejuvenation Snacks

Your kids will love these healthy after school snacks — tasty wraps and smoothies — that will keep them energized.

Meal Makeover: Baked Instead of Fried

If you want to make healthy choices but love fried foods, try these kid-friendly oven-baked recipes for chicken fingers, fish and French fries.

Gearing Up for School with Granola

Need healthy snack or breakfast ideas for kids? Whole grain granola is versatile and nutritious. Make it at home and try different fruits, nuts, and spices.

Back to School Lunches: Getting Your Kids Involved

Here are plenty of healthy school lunch ideas for kids and when the recipes are easy for kids to help make, the whole family can have fun in the kitchen.

Making Granola Fun for the Whole Family

Try these fun, kid-friendly ideas to create healthy breakfasts and desserts using whole grain granola and wheat germ.

School Lunch vs. Sack Lunch: What’s Best for Your Child?

What's better for your kid, the school lunch program or eating a sack lunch? It depends. Whichever you choose, here are ways to make school lunch healthier.