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Pregnancy and Your Health: Why Wheat Germ Matters

When you’re pregnant, getting the right amount of calories and vitamins and minerals is vital. Adding wheat germ to your diet is a great way to help meet your prenatal health needs. One serving contains 20 percent of the recommended daily allowance for folic acid, is a good source of zinc and provides 6 percent of recommended iron intake. And don’t forget fiber: Adding Kretschmer Wheat Germ to your prenatal diet helps you avoid common pregnancy discomfort. A high-fiber pregnancy diet can also assist in stabilizing blood sugar numbers, thereby lowering the risk for gestational diabetes.

Wheat germ provides the following important vitamins and minerals to make sure your prenatal nutrition is on track:

Folic acid, also known as folate, helps prevent different types of birth defects in babies. Pregnant women need 600 micrograms per day from food and vitamins combined. Foods rich in this vitamin include: green leafy vegetables, nuts, beans and citrus fruits. One delicious and fun way to make sure you get enough is to make these Turkey Pot Pies with Wheat Germ Crust.

Iron is another vitamin powerhouse for pregnant women. Iron helps with muscular development in both mother and baby, helps prevent delivering a preterm or low-birth-weight baby and prevents anemia. Signs of anemia include looking pale and feeling very tired.

Zinc, a mineral linked to a lower risk of preterm delivery and low birth weight, may also promote a healthy baby. A diet rich in zinc includes seafood, nuts, mushrooms, wheat germ, beans, pork, chicken and spinach.

Calcium helps keep bones and teeth strong in both mothers and their growing babies. Prenatal women need to get enough calcium, otherwise they can lose some of their own calcium to their growing baby. For a calcium-rich smoothie, try this Protein-Rich Smoothie with Wheat Germ and Chia Seeds: It is a rich source of calcium, iron, folate and fiber.

When pregnant, your calorie needs also increase — and no, that doesn’t mean gorging on doughnuts and ice cream to get your fill. While it’s important to up your calories, make sure the calories you eat count. Wheat germ makes a great addition: It’s nutrient dense, has only 50 calories per two-tablespoon serving and is easy to pack in a small container or baggie to sprinkle on yogurt or in a smoothie on the go.

What are your favorite vitamin- and mineral-rich foods to eat when pregnant?